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La versione 1.8 del BemSlide è uscita! Nuove funzionalità e bug fix!



__user's guide





Follow these simple 4 steps:



1) Copy bemslide folder in your webspace;


2) Include in your page both .js and .css files;


3) Place your slider’s sources (images, divs or whatever html elements you want) in a container, as shown below:


    <div id=“myslideshow”>  //container


<img src=“image1.jpg” />  //slide 1


<div>  //slide 2

    <h1>Lorem ipsum</h1>

    Lorem ipsum isn’t a simple dummy text, its roots take origin a lot of time ago… 



<span>Sit dolor et amet!</span>  //slide 3


<img src=“image2.png” />  //slide 4





4) Add this script anywhere in your page:

    <script type=“text/javascript”>











         auto: bool - set auto sliding (default: true);

        controls: bool - set control arrows (default: true);

         index: bool - set slide selector (default: false);

        transition: string - type of transition (options: 'slide', 'fade', ‘rotate’; default: 'slide');

         changeSpeed: number - duration of  sliding animation in milliseconds when 'slide' transition is selected (default: 2000);

         fadeInSpeed: number - speed in milliseconds of fading in when 'fade' transition is selected (default: 500);

         fadeOutSpeed: number - speed in milliseconds of fading out when 'fade' transition is selected (default: 500);

         rotateSpeed: number - duration of rotating animation in milliseconds when ‘rotate’ transition is selected (default: 1000);

         wait: number - duration of still image in milliseconds when 'slide' transition is selected (default: 5000);

        pausebtn: bool - set play/pause button when "auto" is true (default: true);

        startPaused: bool - start paused even if "auto" is true (default: false);

        pauseHover: bool - pause sliding when mouse is over (default: true);

        cycle: bool - cycle sliding without "rewind" effect when 'slide' transition is selected (default: true);

        slideOffset: number - select element from which to start the slider when 'slide' transition is selected (default: 1);

         slideWidth: number/percentage - width of a single slide (default: '100%');

         autoHeight: bool - automatically set the height of slider as of its content (default: false);

         slideContent: string - behavior of slide content comparatively to his wrapper (options: ‘normal’, ‘contain’, ‘cover’; default: ‘normal’);

         hideControls: bool - automatically hide/show controls (arrows, play/pause button) on mouse out/in (default: true);

         vCenter: bool - vertical center slides (default: true);

         caption: bool - add caption to slides using each slide’s attribute “title” (for title) and “longdesc” (for description) (default: false);

         groupCaption: bool - if true make the captions’ open and close buttons to affect all the slide’s captions (default: true);

         fullScreen: bool - generate a button for switching between normal and full screen mode (default: true);

         hash: bool - make the slide number appear in url for sharing and linking directly a particular slide (default: false).

         unbound: bool - make the slide movement visible outside the slider box too; this function obviously doesn’t makes any change when using ‘fade’ transition mode (default: true).






__fixes and upgrades on 1.8


- ‘rotate’ transition mode added;

- unbound mode added.








Download BemSlide Pack



Per informazioni e supporto scrivi a -> mail(at)bemcalavera.com

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